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Communication Theory

Socrates : Dialog
Aristotele : Rhetoric
Humanistic & Rhetoric Prior to 20th Century
Sociology, Psychology, Linguistics, Advertising: scientific methodological and insight.

Kerangka Teori Komunikasi

Mechanistic: Transaction of information from Sender to Receiver
Psychological: Sending message and feeling with an interpretation of meaning
Social Construction: The product of Interactant sharing and Creating meaning.
Systemic: Messages created via “through-put”, or what happens as the message is being interpreted and re-interpreted as it travels through people.

Theories (Sources, Processes, and Implementation)
Ontology: The question of what, exactly, it is the theorist is examining.
Epistemology: An examination of how the theorist studies the chosen phenomena.
Axiology: What values drive a theorist to develop a theory.

Mapping the theoretical landscape
Context: (Linguistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Rhetoric, journalism, mass communication, communication technology, Humanistics)
Assumption: rhetoric, semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetics, socio psychological, socio cultural

Scientific Criteria for Good communication Theory

A. Explanatory power - do the propositions of the theory enable us to explain as much of the communication phenomenon as possible?

  1. 1. Predictive power - do the propositions of the theory enable us to forecast accurate future events and outcomes?
  2. 2. Parsimony - does the theory contain as few propositions as possible to explain the communication phenomenon; is it as simple as it can be?
  3. 3. Testability - can the propositions of the theory be tested, and therefore falsified or proven wrong?
  4. 4. Internal consistency - the propositions that comprise the theory should not contradict each other.
  5. 5. Heuristic potential - the propositions that comprise the theory should suggest further

Aestetic Criteria For A Good Communication Theory
  • New understanding - does the theory provide us with new and fresh insights into the nature of the human condition?
  • Societal value - does the theory help us to improve the human condition in some substantive way? does it stimulate or generate change?
  • Aesthetic appeal - does the theory capture our interest and imagination? does it picque our curiosity about the phenomenon being explained?
  • Community agreement - is the theory accepted and supported by like-minded scholars?
Overview of Communication Theory
Two Perspectives on Communication Theory

Dosen: Drs. Muh. Nadjib, M.Ed., M.Lib.
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