Sunday, January 01, 2012


In my opinion, birth Control is not good. First of all, it has negative affect for the human being who does birth control. Example, if we eat the medicine birth control it can brake our lung. In fack I have an aunt she aets the medicine too much in several years. One day she was brought to hospital then overated her stomuch in fack in her lung there are too much medicine birth control, it makes her sick because the medicine birth control cannot be shaked dwon by her lung. In other in fack, one day there was a cofle of husband and wife came to the midwife. According to the midwife, the cofle of husband and wife agreed if the wife did birth control and the next day she came to the midwife to birth control (KB) without known by husband.Her husband came in getting angry and he wanted to hit the midwife.
The second, if we have money we can buy a fish, delicious food, and act. But we take birth control program. so, we spend our money to birth control program eventhough, we want to buy a fish for our healt body.
Conclusion: Take birth control program can make our lung brake.
Semester V

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